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American Viola Society

The American Viola Society inspires excellence and builds community through viola study, performance, research, composition, and lutherie. It intends to be the premier source for all viola-related activities while building a community of enthusiasts and providing resources for the global viola community.

Molly Gebrian: Make your brain work for you!





Molly Sharp: VlaTutti - Music publishing and community building

Molly Sharp is the creator of VlaTutti. She is the principal violist of the Richmond Symphony (VA), and teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University. is a place to find resources that make teaching and performing interesting, fun, and collaborative. While music publishing is at the core of VlaTutti, it is growing to include so much more. Here you can find sheet music, wellness and technique resources, virtual community groups, and more!

Masumi Rostad: Sound Post - all about instruments

Ever wonder what instruments your favorite performers play on? How they got them? What their history is? Masumi Rostad's Sound Post series has got you covered! Check out these entertaining and informative conversations with all sorts of string players about their axes of choice!