What we do

SBOVMusic knows that everything Sounds Better on Viola. We’re out to convince the world by recording, distributing, and promoting violists and viola music.

The Team

Director and executive producer

Rose wollman

I am a violist before anything else. Some people become musicians because they need to make music. I am convinced that had I not switched from violin to viola I would not have chosen music as my profession. (I still secretly wish I was an astronaut, but that’s a different story.) I love the sound of the instrument, I love the community, and I am passionate about shining a spotlight on this overlooked middle-voiced member of the string family. 


Producer and Engineer

Daniel Stein

I am a musical omnivore. I play violin (don't shoot!!) but have come to understand that the viola is in all ways superior. I have studied many styles of music from Baroque to Tango to Klezmer. I've been on both sides of the microphone and working in the business since I was 14, so I have [redacted] years of experience and expertise to bring to your project.